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Brett Lee Donates A Bitcoin for India

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Brett Lee Donates A Bitcoin for India

Today, the world is facing a severe pandemic that is taking the lives of our families, friends, and even colleagues. So many countries across the world have come up with several measures to curb this deadly disease from spreading. Most countries opted for total lockdown; some opted for night curfews, intending to decrease the new coronavirus cases.

For the past few weeks, India has been making its way into the limelight. The country is facing a tremendous rise in the number of new coronavirus cases. This increase has raised alerts worldwide and also with the World Health Organization. According to the World Health Organization, the number of coronavirus cases globally has increased for the ninth consecutive week.

A Call For Help

India’s crisis is worsening, and several countries and high profiled people such as Brett Lee are taking the pledge to offer medical assistance. To the world’s attention, most hospitals in India are facing a massive shortage in oxygen supply. People are coming on board to help India fight this pandemic.

A former Australian cricketer named Brett Lee has currently donated a Bitcoin to India to help the country fight the pandemic. The former cricketer stated in his Twitter account that India was like a second home to him. The love and affection he received from Indians during his professional career before his retirement touched his heart. Brett Lee feels privileged to be able to help and be impactful to others who need it.

The 1 Bitcoin donated by Brett is to help the country purchase more oxygen supplies for hospitals across India. The value of a Bitcoin in India lakh hovers around Rs 41 lakh, which will help get more oxygen supplies to the least. Not only did Brett Lee donate his 1 Bitcoin to India, but he also paid homage to India’s frontline workers who have tirelessly been working day and night to save more patients.

Bree Lee’s donation comes a day after an Australian cricketer named Pat Cummins contributed $ 50,000 on Monday the 26th of April 2021. Pat Cummins donated to the PM- Care fund to help fight the virus in India. Cummins urged people to come on board to assist where they can. Brett praised Cummins for starting the initiative with his contributions.

Brett Lee went further by writing a message for his fans in India and advising them on taking coronavirus precautions and following all the guidelines to fight the virus. He went into details by urging all his fans to wash their hands, wear masks, and stay indoors unless they must be out and about. According to him, this will help bring the vast numbers down.

The country of India is facing the second wave of the coronavirus, and it continues to report more than a hundred thousand cases in a single day. As of the 27th of April 2021, India has recorded an estimated 360,960 new cases increasing the total number of cases to over 3million cases. The death tolls of India are at an estimate of 3,293. The country is facing shortages in oxygen supplies and a shortage of essential drugs needed for coronavirus treatment.

Bottom Line

Bitcoin allows its users to make a difference during this pandemic by donating to crypto relief. With Bitcoin, you can help those in dire need since any amount of Bitcoin donations can play a massive role in saving the lives of others.